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Comfort Experts USA, Inc. Customer Referral and Appreciation Program!
HVAC system maintenance and service can help extend the life of your system, prevent future break downs, address small problems before they become larger issues and improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Comfort Experts USA, Inc. as well as the U.S. Department of Energy and Energy Star recommends having your heating and cooling system inspected twice yearly to ensure proper heating and cooling. Our certified, specialty trained technicians will go over every aspect of your air conditioner and heating unit with you and address any questions or concerns that you may have. Depending on the condition of your system our precision tune up will take between one to two hours per system and includes Comfort Experts USA, Inc.'s 22 point air conditioner safety inspection.

Our Certified Technicians will:
  1. Clean and inspect the thermostat to ensure an accurate reading.
  2. Check the refrigerant charge and add up to *one pound of refrigerant, if needed at no extra charge. (Not included on leaks or repairs)
  3. Inspect all visible refrigerant lines for leaks.
  4. Inspect starting capabilities.
  5. Connect an amp probe and check compressor and motors against their rated amperage.
  6. Monitor the air for proper temperature drop.
  7. Lubricate all moving parts on unit.
  8. Inspect and adjust the blower and blower components.
  9. Tighten up all electrical connections, inspect for proper connection and for corrosion.
  10. Inspect all safety controls for defects.
  11. Clean and flush out drain pan, check drain for leaks and corrosion and add time release tablets to retard algae growth and build up.
  12. Inspect and flush out drain line.
  13. Service drain pump, if equipped.
  14. Inspect electrical circuit breakers for proper size and check for defects.
  15. Check filtration and inspect for effectiveness and make proper recommendations, if needed.
  16. Inspect evaporator coil for proper air transfer and any debris.
  17. Inspect electrical heat strip.
  18. Check condenser cabinet for debris and defects.
  19. Inspect condenser coil for proper air and heat transfer and flush as needed.
  20. Inspect air handler for any growth or debris.
  21. Inspect home for visible signs of duct leaks, poor filtration, proper air flow, and return air, (hot spots), make recommendations.
  22. Inform and educate! Explain code upgrades, safety concerns and factory fresh requirements if needed.

*R410A Only
100% satisfaction