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Looking for ductless air conditioning in Melbourne, FL? Look no further than Comfort Experts! If your house does not already have built in ductwork, installing central AC can rapidly become a lengthy and expensive process. While using a central AC system is an efficient way of cooling down a whole home, some homeowners cannot afford its initial high cost. Here are the alternative options to a central AC unit.

Evaporative coolers, mostly known as swamp coolers, are a cost-effective option for places with a dry climate. But they need to know that these tend to produce loud sounds and have limited cooling ability. Many households prefer to select mini-split ductless system as an alternative for ductless air conditioning system and have been using these systems for years. Zoning, easy installation, and energy efficiency are some of the many benefits for homes ill-equipped for central air conditioning.

How does ductless air conditioning work?

AC units without ducts use a condenser that is found outdoors which handles the air in every place in the house. It is the refrigerant that makes the indoor air cold and blows it out of the room. The heat removed from the room travels through a conduit to the condenser outside and is released into the atmosphere.

Air handler fans are designed to be quiet, making sure they don’t get louder than central AC and are signficantly quieter than a standard plug-in fan. The condenser is the loudest system component but is always installed outside the home.

A ductless system’s air handlers can be mounted on or recessed into the ceiling or a wall in each of the rooms to be cooled. Controls can be done individually or attained by setting up communications to a thermostat.

If you want to establish different cooling zones in your home you can have multiple thermostats installed. Separate thermostats can be installed in various rooms while less-used rooms should be zoned and only used when guests are present. Most ductless systems can be set up with four separate cooling zones.

What are the benefits of ductless systems?

If your home does not have ductwork, a ductless mini-split air conditioning system is a fairly easy unit to install. The homeowner typically can choose the type of air handlers they want installed and where they go in the rooms. There are some that appear flushed with the ceiling and these will cost more but will be better in appearance.

Retrofitting a home with ducts for central air conditioning usually requires creating holes in walls and ceilings and reducing the amount of closet space. However, if you choose a ductless system instead, the contractor will only need to cut a small hole in the wall to connect the indoor handlers to the outdoor unit.

Since in a ductless air conditioning there are no large pathways that are used for air travel then they are more energy efficient compared to the central AC unit. Ductwork that is used in a central AC unit can lead it to have up to thirty percent waste in energy. The energy waste is caused by leaks, holes and gaps in seams in the ductwork.

One of the benefits of ductless mini split systems is that the whole building doesn’t have to be cooled at one time as homeowners can just cool the areas in use. They can have a set temperature that is appropriate for sleeping in the bedrooms. By doing this you can save a lot of money on your energy bills.

A ductless system is better than a window AC unit because it doesn’t compromise the safety of your home or allow pests to get in through a partially open window. Ductless systems give you more flexibility in placing equipment because a room only has so many windows. A ductless system can be used to heat your home in the winter, giving you year-round functionality.

Professional Installation

If you decide that a mini-split AC system is the way to go for your family, talk to an AC expert as they can get the system installed in as little as a day. To best determine the number of required units, they take measurements of your home space and recommend zoning where relevant.

To avoid the expense and hassle of retrofitting your home with ductwork, many people choose a ductless system, but the installation should still be done by a qualified professional because of the wiring and toxic refrigerant involved. A professional can give advice on the best style of the unit and the best placement of the air handlers. An air conditioning expert can assist you in bringing your home back to comfort by offering his services that includes repair or upgrading your system.

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