Professional Heating Services in Melbourne, FL

It can be uncomfortable at best and horrible at worst if your furnace or heater breaks down in the middle of the winter. In some parts of the country, if the home falls to low enough temperatures, a broken heat source may be the difference between well-being and a trip to the hospital. For professional heating services in Melbourne you can count on, look no further than Comfort Experts!

Those who are vulnerable to getting hypothermia in freezing temperatures are the elderly and the infants. While gas or electric-powered devices may look like conveniences in modern times, many families now have become dependent on them. A few homes might not have other methods to keep them warm in the winter. So if the heater has broken down, it needs to be quickly repaired by an expert.

The best way to avoid premature breakdowns is to have it regularly serviced every year before the cold weather returns. An expert technician can help families maintain their level of comfort in their homes. They can perform all the heating services those in the home need to keep a comfortable living situation in the winter and keep the unit running as long as possible.

Heat pumps and furnaces can, on average, last up to 15 to 20 years respectively. However, just like your vehicle, it will have a longer lifespan if serviced regularly. Here you can learn some more valuable information with regard to what you need to do in order to ensure that your heating unit remains functioning for many years to come.

What do heating services professionals examine during an inspection?

The type of heating service that is needed depends on the unit that is involved. Forced air heating using a furnace is common in many newer homes. However, in older homes and certain parts of the country, units such as pellet stoves, heat pumps, and fireplaces are common. No matter the heat source that you use for your home, a certified professional can service it.


Whatever fuels your furnace, a skilled technician needs to perform a yearly check-up on it. They can spot potential issues and fix them before they change into winter-time emergencies. One of the things that this professional will do is to look for rust in its parts. Running a compromised furnace is dangerous and a certified professional can help you avoid this by checking for carbon monoxide leaks and electrical risks.

If a unit is nearing the end of its life, a qualified expert can discuss your options with you and explain the upgrades currently available. Some more efficient systems might end up saving you money long term due to lower running cost.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are more commonly used in places that have moderate climates. Geothermal heat pumps are also contributing factors to the prevalence of heat pumps in colder climates. A heat pump utilizes the air from outdoors or the heat from the ground in combination with electricity and a blower to push warm air through your home. When an inspection is done, a professional will take care of a number of maintenance tasks including cleaning ducts, fan blades and coils, replacing filters, oiling mechanical parts, checking to make sure your air flow is sufficient, and confirming that your thermostat is operating efficiently.

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